Cultural triangle: Polonnaruwa


The road West towards the ancient capital of Polonnaruwa was the first major slog on the bike. It was a fantastic straight road that undulated far into the distance. But my legs are now up to it and arrived late afternoon.

I stopped briefly to watch a local cricket match and saw the winning shot. The batsman (pictured second from left) hit a six high up into the stand of spectators. I joined the jubilant team and congratulated them on their victory.

IMG_0821I stopped at a village fishmongers that was selling the largest king prawns I had ever seen. They were about 6 inches long from eyes to tail and about an inch fat. My mum would love these! I bought half a dozen to cook for my dinner.
My approach to the city took me alongside a huge reservoir or ‘tank’ where I met a young French traveller and asked him about his accommodation.


The Samudra hotel was easy to find in New Town and room prices were very reasonable having negotiated a good price.

IMG_0845 IMG_0831

Sadly the hotel is situated next to a government rest hotel and bakery. I was awoken by machinery and enthusiastic shouting during the night and  which then kept me awake. The next morning I reloaded my bike to check out of the hotel and ride around the ruins of the ancient city.


IMG_0886 IMG_0914 IMG_0916 IMG_0912 IMG_0901


IMG_0861IMG_0877 IMG_0902

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  1. Great pictures, How’s the equipment holding up,you seem to have got to a good fitness wishes from your followers in Greece

    • Thanks Nigel. I saw Sri Lanka as a bit of preparation for India and Nepal. As usual it took a few weeks for the legs to start working well. However I have been spoilt by some choice routes and have avoided the major hill climbs to Kandy, Horton Plains and Adam’s Peak. That said poor conditions in the North on non-existent roads of water, sand and mud have really put me (and the bike) through some punishing days.
      Pictures could be better eh? Uploading at a low res. via my iPhone using a Sri Lankan telcom account. Will change to better res. later. Equipment is holding up. Hole in the tent ground sheet needs repair. Lost a bolt on a carrier but replaced ok. Solar chargers are absolute crap and seriously thinking of dumping despite the outlay. So once again (sigh) power is a
      problem specifically for my phone which is GPS, google maps, camera, messaging and
      Phone etc. I have to turn it off lots to conserve power. So miss taking some photos. Wish I had a Rolhoff (sp?) hub on the bike that delivers charge. Had to service water filter and MSR Dragonfly stove. Both started packing up. But working again now.
      Hi to y’all in Greece.

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