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Cultural triangle extended: Panduvasnuwara.


IMG_1738 IMG_1739
A fine day and the above photographs epitomise the beauty of Sri Lanka as a country of clear lakes (tanks) and wonderful vegetation.
My ride out to the West coast took an interesting turn when I unexpectedly happened on some ancient ruins by the road side.

A little further and there was another another ancient site next to a fairly unassuming museum. Two curators were keen to show me around.  Panduvasnuwara was the site of a huge 12th century palace created by king Parakramabahu and rivalled the one at Anuradhapura. Looking around the museum and the ruins of the palace I was surprised by the extent of it all. It compared well to the more popular and higher profile archeological remains at Anuradhapura and yet did not figure much in guidebooks.

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