Rain in Rabat



When I saw my bike laying on its side in the baggage collection area of Rabat airport I feared the worst. Its plastic bag had been ripped to shreds. Once through to the main hall I had a closer look. Aside from a bent bottle cage the bike had come through the transfer relatively unscathed. Phew. It took a while to get the bike ready to move off. It did not help that a bottle of suntan lotion had decided to half empty itself in the checked luggage. The roads around Sale-Rabat airport are impressive; dual carriageways with a decent sized hard shoulder to cycle on. My ride over Pont Hassan II into Rabat proper was quite exciting. Lightning forked all around and loud thunder provided a dramatic introduction to the Moroccan capital. The rain came down like stair rods.
After taking directions from some car park attendants I climbed up to the entrance of the Kasbah and took shelter from the rain. A couple of guys there directed me towards the medina and where I had booked my room for the night. I quickly became lost in the maze of narrow little streets but with a little more help finally made it to the Dar Aida riad.

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