Rabat (2)






Although I did not visit Volubilis many artefacts from the Roman town are displayed in Rabat’s museum of Archeology. I walked South following the Almohad city wall and towards the Grand Mosque via the impressive Bab er Rouah (gate of the wind).


The Archeological Museum is tucked away in a road close to the Grand Mosque and is cited as the most important in Morocco. It is really quite small and surprised me by its limited collection of artefacts. Maybe much of Morocco’s archeological heritage has been squirrelled away into private collections all over the world.






IMG_1115IMG_1111Continuing my historical tour I continued South to Chellah. This consists of the remains of the Roman city and port of Sala Colonia dating from around 200BC which are enclosed within a 14th Century fortress. This was, for me, one of the cultural highlights of my trip. The main gateway and walls are impressive and look quite gothic in appearance. Its builder; Abou al-Hussain ‘The Black Sultan’ also created a necropolis on top of the Roman site. The abandoned buildings and features are fairly extensive and include a number of tombs including those of Abou al-Hussain and his wife. The Roman remains include a ‘Temple of Jupiter’, ‘Arc de Triomphe’ and ‘Pool of the Nymph’. It has, quite surprisingly, all been abandoned for many centuries and inhabited instead by nesting storks.


IMG_1147 IMG_1126 IMG_1146









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