Cycle ride to Zaouia Ahanesal in the High Atlas, Morocco


The beginning of the second half on my cycle ride along the R302 which traverses the High Atlas past Agouti towards La Cathedrale. This video was shot from one of the highest points (approx. 2800m) and drops quite nicely down to the village of Zaouia Ahanesal. Awesome ride with fantastic views. I was travelling at over 35mph at various points although had to rein in quite a bit for the turns. Surly LHT around 23 kilos fully loaded.. plus me.

Note: Oddly the video’s soundtrack linked via WordPress sounds slightly butchered by the host despite the fact that the music is already combined with ambient sounds; wind etc. But, and this is interesting, the same video on my Facebook page sounds fine. So I suggest you check out the Facebike link to the right for a better audio experience.

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