On the Beach


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In the afternoon I made my way to the Kalkudah beach favoured by the locals. It stretched as far as the eye could see and was deserted. Several hotels were under construction although the area was quiet. One hotel  was being built by the army for government use.
Close to the beach and next to the concrete shell of a hotel under construction was a little round shelter that I would expect to find at a beach bar. It had brightly coloured fairy lights on its thatched roof. This was quite surreal and like finding a park bench on the moon. I had a swim and used this shelter for my stuff. Later a workman appeared from the concrete shell and happily took me on a little tour of the building including a view from the second floor. There was to be three more floors on top. He made me some tea. I felt like the first guest at the hotel.
The beach was great and good to have a little time out but the experience is tempered by the great tragedy of 2004. Ashoka at the guest house had lost his sister to the tsunami. The chap working on the new cabana next to mine had lost his mother and son. This was a place of great sadness.
A restful nights sleep and then back on the bike. It had rained and the road from Passikudah was littered with giant tree snails. As I headed inland on the A11 I was presented with a seemingly infinite ribbon of tarmac stretching into the distance.

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