Daily Archives: May 4, 2014

Tilouguite to Barrage Bin-El-Ouidane




With an early start I continued North of La Cathedrale on the R302 which was now a sealed road. It led in time to the town of Tilouguite where a souk or market was in full swing and where I had an early lunch. IMG_0494



Once gain the road began to climb until I had a long view of the surrounding mountains. It was somewhat bleak and windy as I climbed towards one final pass before reaching the reservoir at Bin-El-Ouidane. It took a while but then the road levelled, cut through grazing land, curled and began to drop. The road went down and down and down.. The road surface was poor and badly weathered. Clouds clung to the hillsides. Eventually I had a view of the reservoir that lay below. I felt a little sad as I felt I was leaving the High Atlas range, possibly for the last time. But the view of the ‘barrage’ or reservoir was quite thrilling and was a remarkable sight. I pitched my tent before dropping too far so that I could enjoy and wake up to the wonderful view.